At the end of the morning, there will be a number of workshops to choose from.  Each is just 20 minutes long.  They are:


  • We are the same
  • We are different
  • Different churches
  • Different faiths
  • Different politics
  • I feel different

Workshops include some teaching input, activities, discussion groups, interaction and practical tools for young people to take away.  Our hope is that young people will feel more equipped to live alongside people who are different to them – in belief, values and faith.  Much of our media is fixed on dividing us into THEM and US on nearly every area of life.  THEM and US doesn’t work in God’s Kingdom where we are called to love everyone, live in peace and serve each other.  Yes, we have differences, but we are each made by the one Creator and he loves the world so much, that he gave his One and only Son…

Each workshop will be presented in a way that is accessible for 11 year olds and up.  Workshop leaders are trusted friends from around the diocese and beyond.