At the end of the morning, there will be eight workshops to choose two from.  Each is 45 minutes long.  Choose from…


  • In School
  • In Video Gaming
  • In Music
  • In Social Media
  • In TV & Film
  • In Sport
  • Where I live

There will also be a workshop called simply:  Finding God.

Young people will get to choose just two workshops (they’re longer this year) which will include some teaching input, activities, discussion groups, interaction and practical tools for them to take away.  Our hope is that young people will become more aware of God being everywhere… not just in church on Sundays, or at the youth group, but everywhere they go.  How will that change the way they live?  The things they say and do, the way the treat others…?

The workshop on ‘Finding God’ is particularly designed for those who feel they haven’t yet found him and want to have an opportunity to encounter Jesus and start a journey with him.

Each workshop will be presented in a way that is accessible for 11 year olds and up.  Workshop leaders are trusted friends from around the diocese.