Rule of Life

At Breathe Deep we launched another resource to help you grow as a Christian and as a disciple. It’s called Rule of Life, and it is part of the Lights for Christ initiative which encourages everyone in the Diocese of Sheffield to live as a Light for Christ in every part of their life. It can be easy to be a Christian on a Sunday or at your youth group, but what about at home, or in your school or with friends?

Having a Rule of Life can help you make small but important steps forward in your faith as you grow as a disciple. Having a Rule of Life is making some decisions about the way you want to live and then living it!


It is good to start by thinking about your own strengths and weaknesses. Maybe you’re a good listener, or a helpful friend… maybe you like to care for the environment, or help people with jobs they need to do. Whatever your strengths are, write them on the back of the Rule of Life card. Then, thinking about your weaknesses, how do you want to grow?

Below this, there is a space to write some ideas of how you will live differently to be a stronger disciple. It’s like having a game plan. Be intentional, make decisions, set goals that you will be able to keep, and finally think of some friends who you can share your plan with who will encourage you and keep you accountable. Ask them to check in on you regularly to see if you are still living to your Rule of Life.

That’s it – you’re all set. Remember to review your Rule of Life every now and then… especially when you feel you have set yourself challenges that are too hard to keep up! It’s good to make a new Rule of Life every now and then – that keeps life interesting and moving. Ask God how he wants you to change it, and don’t get disappointed if you fail. Discipleship is about learning, living and keeping going! Jesus says he will be with us as we walk.


You can download and print another Rule of Life card by clicking the images below, or you can get more cards from Mike North at Church House… just ask your youth worker to get in touch.