Prayer Community

Welcome to the Breathe Deep Prayer Community!

What’s it all about?

Bishop Pete (the Bishop of Sheffield) has invited everyone to commit to praying and reading their Bible every day over the next 7 years as part of our RENEW, RELEASE and REJUVENATE strategy.  Being part of the Prayer Community means you will commit to these 4 things each day:

  1. Say the Lord’s Prayer
  2. Read at least one verse of the Bible
  3. Say the Diocesan Vision Prayer (or the slightly amended Breathe Deep Vision Prayer!)
  4. Pray to see at least 2.5% of the population in this area in worshipping communities by 2025

You can find more details about the diocesan 2025 Prayer Community on the main Diocesan website.



You can see a Bible verse to read each day by clicking on our social media accounts below. You don’t need an account to see them, but if you have one, you can follow us / join the group and share your experience with others using the hashtag #bdprayercommunity.


Instagram:  bdprayercommunity  (See what others are posting on #bdprayercommunity)





Prayer Community Card

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We have asked those who have agreed to create some content for our social media channels to follow a theme for each week.  Here’s what you can expect throughout the year to encourage you to keep praying and reading! We still have a few gaps to fill, so get in touch if you can join the contributors.