Our fourth annual Breathe Deep day was held on Saturday 28 January, 2017, with over 330 young Christians and leaders from all over South Yorkshire!

Breathe Deep is a youth event targeted at Christian young people from all over the diocese to be a large expression of church together.  Many young people who come are from smaller churches, so to gather in large numbers brings another important dimension of God’s church, in all its diversity!  Kate Bottley was our guest speaker who brought a powerful message – ‘Be who you were made to be’, and we enjoyed the day of worship, teaching, thinking, chilling, playing, laughing and praying together.

Breathe Deep is also attracting a growing number of young people from outside the church… friends are welcome to join us and be part of God’s bigger church in the diocese!

We’ve got a load of pictures and videos from the day, so head over to the ‘Pictures and Videos from 2017‘ to see if you can spot yourself.

We’re now working on next year’s event, scheduled for Saturday 27th January, 2018.

God bless,

The Breathe Deep team.